Make the Advantage be YOURS in a Bidding War by Choosing a Local Lender…..They Know Our Market!!!

Home purchasers seeking to stand out in competitive housing markets should consider a mortgage professional based in the area. Don’t discount the benefits of shopping local—even for a mortgage professional. In tight housing markets where bidding wars are common, buyers who need financing can strengthen their offers by working with a locally based mortgage broker or loan officer,

Make your listing appear in China!

Hi Sellers!  We’re sharing a brand new feature that will help you sell your home. When inventory is so low, competition is fierce!  You need every advantage. We’re here to help. Juwai is the #1 property website in China (i.e. the Zillow of China). Importantly, it’s inside and outside the Great Firewall of China. And now you can

Best Bidding War Strategies of 2018

We looked at the data on thousands of offers agents for The Cascade Team wrote and received in the last two years to see how the strategies we track affected buyers’ odds of winning a bidding war: All cash offers rule the landscape and stymie the competition. With everything else equal, offering with all cash